Entoptic Media

Developed during my PhD research, the “entoptic” (typically referring to visual phenomena such as floaters) design metaphor characterizes how the interplay of material components of systems shapes human experience and has grown into a distinct avenue of research. Importantly, making “entoptic media” is key here.

Screenshot of the current iteration of the second entoptic media prototype, the Entoptic Field Monitor.

This process has led to me leading a growing, informal research group on Entoptic Media with international collaborators James Pierce (University of Washington), Nick Merrill (University of California, Berkeley), Arne Berger (Anhalt University of Applied Sciences), Heidi Biggs (The Pennsylvania State University), Julija Rukanskaite (Independent Researcher), Michael Heidt (Anhalt University of Applied Sciences), and Joseph Lindley (Lancaster University). Thus far, my work on the entoptic metaphor and the making of Entoptic Media has produced two main avenues for outputs:

• Exhibition of prototypes at MozFest Manchester, London Design Festival and Dutch Design Week (all 2022) and at MozFest House Amsterdam (2023).

• Peer-reviewed research presented at ACM CHI 2021 / 2023

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